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Fully Portable
Air Purifier

Fully protected UV technology to achieve safe sterilization portable and pluggable design for multi-room usability.

What’s the use of Sufi Robotics Air Purifier?

Sufi Robotics Plug-In Air Purifier uses the same UV-C ultraviolet rays technology to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms as in other Sufi Robotics products.  Its size is perfect for smaller area and will continuously disinfect the room for long-lasting results. The air in inhaled by the device, detoxified and released into the room sanitized and deodorized. 

UV-C Ultraviolet Rays

Sufi Robotics uses UV-C ultraviolet rays to kill 99.9% of contaminates on room surfaces and change the DNA structure of microorganisms, because UV-C ultraviolet

rays are easily absorbed by the DNA of organisms, especially around 253.7 nm ultraviolet rays, which can make bacteria instantly dead or unable to reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Portable Design

Sufi Robotics air purifier is portable design, insert it into the plugboard can be used, it can be used in thebathroom, can also be unpluggedat any time in the bedroom or living room. It can sterilize and disinfect all the rooms in your home, and reduce the odor caused by bacteria, pets and also cooking fumes in the air.


Sufi Robotics air purifier is designed with replaceable light source. We recommend replacing the original UV-C light bulb once every 6-8 months for better use.


This product only works with low speed fan, low noise, and uses pure UV-C sterilization method, so there is no need to clean or replace the filter,so it is more convenient to use.


Vortex air automatic inhalation is automatically exported to indoor air after ultrashort wave UV-C sterilization for several seconds. This active sterilization method has no dead angle and is more convenient to use.

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