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Elevate Elevator Cabin Cleaner


UV disinfection lamp’s light wave is 254nm (no ozone), so the sterilization eficiency can reach 99%.

Smart control

  • Obtain the elevator signal, turn on or turn off the UV disinfection lamp when no one use the elevator. And turn off the UV disinfection lamp immediately when someone uses the elevator.
  • It is equipped with the infrared motion sensor light controller, which is the protection device, when people (or other living thing) is sensed, do not turn on or stop the operation of the ultaviolet disinfection immediately to ensure safety.
  • Clock function. It can turn on or turn off the ultraviolet disinfection lamp regularly.
  • Cumulative statistics time of use the lamp, life expiration, lamp replacement.
  • PC software settings on the anti-virus, waiting time parameters, time setting, etc. Udisk connection is automatically updated to the control box.
  • Bluetooth connection, non-contact control system, update anti-virus time settings, view current status, synchronization time, etc.


  • For the new elevator, ultraviolet disinfection system can be standard or optional.
  • Access to any major brand elevator, suitable for commercial and residential elevators.

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